Thursday, July 28, 2016

Something Old, Something New

I am happy to report that Side Effects is complete.  Read about the process here.

Paul, the model

Even though I had (still do) at least two other projects that are urgent, this is the one that I wanted to finish.

For Sandra, who loves this shot of quilts (see the cute elephant in the corner)

Feathers, Beads and Cupcakes

May be because these scraps helped me through my doldrums.
I see Fish. Can you find the rabbit?

Chose a Christmas backing.  Quilted with gentle curves. Red binding makes it pop.
Red Binding on a Christmasy Backing = Christmas in July

I am happy about the side effects of quilting - Scraps to make more quilts!
Color me Happy

Am I happy about the side effects of marriage - Fighting?  Not directly.

But, indirectly speaking - "make-up sex is worth fighting for", said Nick (Dermot Mulroney) in the movie - The Wedding Date, 2005

And, I would never argue with Dermot Mulroney.  Paul knows :-)

Side Effects

Once we had made peace, it was perfectly logical for Paul to ask for food, dates and other favors.
He asked for a zippered pouch.

Me: What? Really?
Paul: Yeah.
Me: Whatever for?
Paul: To keep stuff in when I am traveling
Me: OK. Do you know how big?
Paul: Awkward silence
Me: Do you want to pick out fabric?

He picked the stamps fabric (thanks to Jake) and also chose a peachy zipper to match.
Fabric from a dear friend Jake :-)

Me: What about the design?
Paul: What do you mean?
Me: Stiff or Soft, 3-D or flat, handle or not
Paul: 3-D is good, don't really need a handle.
Me: OK, stiff or soft?
Paul: Soft. You know I like soft things...

the tall & short of it

(The twinkle in his eyes met with a glare in mine.)
Me: Are we still talking about fabric bags?

Green Lining, Peach Zipper

What did I do?  Well, since I am the ideal, loving wife, I not only honored his request, I made him a set of coordinated travel pouches.

Only batting, no interfacing for soft bags

Between the Side effects and many pouches and baskets, I had used up a lot of scraps.  Time for something new :-D

Let's go shopping.

These are a few things that caught my eye for obvious reasons and that they are on clearance!!! Like 40 - 50% off. YAY!!!

1. Marcus Fabrics Intrigue Pink

2. Anthology Shibori Fat Quarter - Imagine skinny strips of this gorgeous fabrics between wide black/charcoal strips

3. Moda Tucker Prairie Fat Quarter Bundle - You will not get this FQ bundle at this ridiculous price anywhere else.  Guaranteed.

4. Andover Sun Print Precuts - Love these colors - so rich and so versatile. Must for every stash.

I know, I know you are on a fabric diet because you are oh so swimming in fabric.  Well then, may be you would consider one of these classes, all of them are just $19.99

I will be linking with all my favorite linky parties as well as One Monthly Goal.

Which fabric caught your eye and why?  Please let me know cause I love hearing from you.

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  1. Oooh - just love those soft stripey fabrics!

  2. I just love scrap quilts and yours is a beauty with a memorable story behind it. All of your new fabric purchases are gorgeous but I'm a fan of colour, precuts and Alison Glass so number 4 would be my favourite!

  3. Very fun scrappy quilt. Congrats on the finish. You've been busy. The travel bags turned out beautifully. Enjoy your new stash additions, you definitely found some beauties.

  4. That scrap quilt is awesome and so are the travel bags...that's one lucky husband you have.

  5. I love your scrap quilt. Once I get enough scraps ( I am a beginner) I want to make this quilt.

    Moda Tucker Prairie Fat Quarter Bundle is very nice, I like the colors.

    I am in looking for a new sewing machine, may I ask what is your go to machine?

  6. I'm very happy you finished your quilt...even happier that all is well in marriageland!! You see, fighting has it's benefits! You are the ideal wife making two travel bags. He is one lucky guy! FYI...I haven't forgotten about know what I'm talking about lady!

  7. All your talk of makeup sex and stiff and softness and handles...phew! Is it hot in here?! And THEN you raise the temperature even more with those lush fabrics...I have 3 things in my Craftsy cart, some of your suggestions might get flung in. Because, you know, free shipping at $99... Love your happy side effects - hope my scrap vortex turns out half as bright and cheery.

  8. Side Effects is a bright and fun scrap quilt. I really like how scrap quilts make me remember projects past. :)

  9. Love the quilt! So colorful and happy!

  10. Not scenes from "The Good Wife" by any means, but you are a sweet heart to everyone! Thank you for pointing out that guys like these things, too, in guy fabrics. I have been asked more than once for zip bags for men, and it's just as fun thinking if they have different needs than woman. For one thing, I've been told they appreciate a tab on the zipper pull so their bigger fingers don't have to work so hard at opening and closing, and laminated insides are good if they've stuck wet shaving items in there. Maybe their not as neat as woman, at times, but they like nice things as well.

    Great post, Preeti, and beautiful quilt!

  11. Love your scrappy quilt! It's a happy quilt, and I can understand why you'd feel cheered up working on it.

  12. A great finish for your quilt. I recognize some of my fabrics in it, like the red with little palm trees, mine are in aqua and green. Also that white paisley print, also from Connecting Threads. I'm an online fabric addict also. Love your story about the man travel bags. What a fine husband you have. BTW, my post is acting weird, just hit the Home button and it will show up.

  13. Love your happy scrappy quilt... and the story that went with it!

  14. Hahaha you are so funny Preeti! "Are we still talking about bags?" Thanks for the great laughs today.
    Your scrappy quilt turned out so fun and was good therapy. The zippy bags are really cool too. My husband asked for traveling bags too. They are very handy for containing all the little things.

  15. It's always great when you are able to finish up the project you really want to work on. Such a cheerful quilt. And so fun to hear about your marital adventures :p

  16. I really like the Andover Sun Prints, but I am on a fabric diet, too, as tempting as Craftsy sales are! Glad you made up! My significant other always asks for things in camo. I oblige sometimes, and sometimes I find other way too cool fabrics, like birch trees, to fulfill his list. Have a great day! XO

  17. Congrats on a fabulous finish... love the scrappyness of it!

  18. Your scrappy quilt is a happy quilt too, and the travel bags are great looking. Love that stamp fabric.


  19. I love that fabric your husband chose for the zipper bags. You did a great job on them - your hubby is a lucky guy!

  20. I love the way your Side Effects quilt turned out! You can't stay in the doldrums looking at that quilt! I made my husband some zioper oouches for traveling, too, but love the fabric you used much more than what I did. My hubby wanted solid fabrics! Useful, but not very fun to look at!

  21. Never mind make up sex, make up shopping is the best !

  22. I love those Andover Sun Print pieces.
    The Side Effects quilt is so bright and beautiful. Just the right amount of treasured fabrics to find in there.
    Your post made me smile. "Are we still talking about fabric bags" hahaha. Love that stamp fabric too!

  23. Your post made me chuckle a few times! Love how your quilt turned out, so bright and cheery.

  24. I am glad I'm not the only one to use quilting as therapy! That's how I ended up cutting zillions of 2.5" squares for a triple Irish chain one time, lol! I had to go back and read the story of how your Side Effects quilt came about, and I love it. :) Also, it's just as well I don't know where you live, or you'd totally find me sneaking in to swipe that stamp fabric, I adore ephemera prints like that, and the bags look great. :D

  25. Nice, soft bags! Hope hubby enjoys using them. I like that stamp fabric... nice masculine but with lots of color. I just bought a new bag pattern and some soft and stable. We'll see when I get around to it!

  26. Your scrappy quilt is amazing!! Makes me want to go sew