Friday, March 6, 2020

Pandora's Box

Paul: There is a lot going on here.
Me: Yup. Do you like it?

A new finish

Paul: It kinda works.
Me: Doesn't it?
Paul: What is this one called?
Me: Pandora's Box.

Orphan Blocks

Paul was shocked!!!  He proceeded to relate the story where all the monsters (death and sickness) were unleashed and all that was found at the bottom of the box was Hope.

Gathered and Captured

I tried to (somewhat calmly) explain. I did not open the Pandora's Box. I did not release the monsters. I captured them and put them back in the box.

Flimsy - Before the Skinny Borders were added

Paul: So you are Pandora?
Me: No and this is not a box. It is a concept that all these orphan blocks (bee blocks and audition blocks and orphans too) were floating around and creating chaos. And now that chaos is captured and showcased in a quilt!!!
Paul: You are so full of it.
Me: You totally get me :-)


Diversity :-)

Although these random blocks were captured into a flimsy in August 2018 (Motivated by Mari), other projects took precedence and the flimsy became an UFO.

And festered while other projects/quilts took precedence. But now that it is done...I am thrilled with the finish.

So much is happening...

Skinny Border

A skinny border was required to protect some points.  Pandora's Box flimsy measured 56" by 58".
At this size it made more sense to piece a backing than to cut up precious wide backings.

Pieced Backing

Striped Binding

A spicy striped binding tamed all the naughtiness while keeping things upbeat.

Paul: You did not follow my advice on pieced backing?
Me: Not this time.
Paul: Why not?
Me: I just wanted it done as soon as possible.
Paul: Um Hmmm.
Me: If I make all my pieced backings the same way, won't you call me a one-trick pony?



I proudly added my label.
Time for a happy dance. Another UFO slayed. Monsters captured.
Absolute Joy!!!

Pandora's Box

Speaking of joy, I acquired gorgeous new fabric at Quiltcon.  It is a fat quarter bundle called Viva Mexico from Paintbrush Studios.  The ten fat quarters are printed on a continuous piece of fabric.

Picture from Paintbrush Studios

I went to Quiltcon with a strict policy of "Only Experiences, No Acquisitions"
But when Paintbrush Studios announced the Buy One, Get One Free for all FQ bundles...the firm stitches of my resolve were unraveled by the seam-ripper of temptation.

Gorgeous Colors

Juicy and Bright

I cannot wait to make something with this bundle, especially these bright pinks.

Viva Mexixo

Yummy Pink

March is here and so is the new color for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2020.
Stick around, browse for a bit and leave a comment (naughty or nice), while I go herd my teals (bluish-greens and greenish-blues).

Bluish Greens

Greenish Blues

Greenish Blues on the left. Bluish Greens on the right

If you have questions about block patterns in Pandora's Box quilt, please go to this previous blogpost, which is laden with links.

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As usual I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything, but particularly on Pandora's Box.

One last look!


  1. what a very unusual interesting quilt! you pulled off another fun quilt

  2. Pandora's Box is gorgeous! All those orphan blocks are happy now. I love the skinny border (why have I never thought of that to protect points?) and the binding is perfect. We have appointments today, and now all I want to do is dig out my orphan blocks and play with them.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt, Preeti! So much that is interesting to look at! Orphan block quilts are always a fun (but also challenging) puzzle to put together. That binding is the perfect finishing touch, too!

  4. Yahoo! That is one great quilt. You did an excellent job corralling all those blocks. I love the idea of the little border so you don't lose the points. I must remember that!

  5. Such a great story! And you really pulled it off with wrangling the orphan blocks. It has to feel great to have used so many orphans! Great job Preeti!

  6. There are some very pretty blocks in the quilt. It's nice to see them all playing together rather than causing chaos in a drawer. The narrow border was a great idea. I never thought of that before.

  7. Oh I love Pandoras Box!! and I love your story that you corralled all of them!! Great job!! Enjoy your new fabrics from Quilt con!! Glad you linked up to Finished or not Friday - I was excited to pop over here!!!

  8. Excellent post Preeti! My favorite line:

    "the firm stitches of my resolve were unraveled by the seam-ripper of temptation"

    You are so clever with words - I love this!

    Also love the quilt - like Linda above, it makes me want to go through my pile orphan blocks - You made a lovely quilt with pieces that I would not think to put together. So cool!!

  9. Love the way you've tamed the blocks! Oh, that seam ripper temptation!

  10. Fun quilt finish and AWESOME additions to your stash!!

  11. I really like the simple straight line quilting and mostly white backgrounds - helps to unify the many different blocks.
    I REALLY like the Viva Mexico fabric with the hummingbirds.
    So funny to read yours and Paul's conversations. :)

  12. Yeah on another finish. That is always so great - especially if it is a long time WIP or even UFO :) And I totally love the name and your story for Pandora. Maybe we should put a new entry in the quilters dic: A Pandora quilt... mmmhh. Anyway, enjoy your finish! xo Melanie

  13. My thoughts on Pandora's box are I LOVE IT!!! I love busyness and bright colors and things with lots of places to look. My eyes traveled all over the place and I probably still didn't see everything. I've been wanting to do something with my orphan blocks and you have inspired me to try it! And oh boy my mouth watered at those new fabrics you showed. They hit all my "things I like in fabric" buttons. As always, your blog is such a fun read. You are ever the entertainer. :) Keep it up!!

  14. Love, love, love it, so much colour and happiness and so much to look at. A great collection of orphan blocks that look like they were meant to be together. I can see why your good intentions came unraveled at Quilt Con, they are beautiful fabrics. I hope your team's all cooperated and herded nicely 😁😁 have a great weekend.

  15. Preeti, what a great compilation of so many various blocks. I am glad that Paul "get's you". Hope you two have a fabulous weekend.

  16. Wow, just Wow! You have taken all those unrelated blocks and created a lovely quilt. I am so glad you gave into temptation - the new fabrics are gorgeous. Now, I am going to ponder why I don't have orphan blocks (or do I, and they are all well hidden?).

  17. Another home run! You are definitely the MVP on the team of orphan quilt makers! Pandora’s box is as lively and colorful as YOU are. I love how you tamed them all into a colorful, cohesive whole. I could look at this quilt all day...

  18. Beautiful finish and I love the simple quilting

  19. Best commune ever! The blocks have found a home that works for them; quilt looks great! You should feel most virtuous making something from nothing, and cutting down on mess at the same time. That straight line quilting is just what those busy blocks needed. Congratulations! ps. LOVE the fabric. No wonder you had to have it.

  20. I love how you tamed your orphan blocks! They don't look like mish mash but like they all belong. Great quilt!

  21. I love your dialogues, and I absolutely understand your interpretation of the Pandora's box myth and how it relates to taming orphan block monsters! Such a fun finish and and even more fun story around it! :)

  22. that turned out great and I like the name

  23. Love it! Much nicer than laying around in a pile, waiting to be quilted. Some of those blocks would make a nice quilt in themselves. I also love those fat quarters! They look like spring, which is just what we need right now.

  24. Holy moly that’s a labor of love! I can’t even imagine, just beginning! Hope to see your teal blocks soon!

  25. Preeti, your conversation with Paul is too funny! Before I read your post, I was thinking this quilt was "bohemian": "a person/artist who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices". Love the quilting, binding and finish--yay!!!

  26. I love this quilt! The mushroom blocks are cute. I really like how you used your stash for the back. Nicely done!

  27. Great finish. Clearly I missed the Paintbrush booth at QuiltCon. Such wonderful new fabrics.

  28. Great finish, and fun quilt, the name is perfect ;) I love the pink fabric too, you are going to have fun with all of these new beauties!

  29. I adore your line "the firm stitches of my resolve were unraveled by the seam-ripper of temptation"!! Sounds like a good t-shirt to me!

  30. It is beautiful Preeti. It is hard to believe it was made with castaway and orphaned blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  31. What an absolutely beautiful scrappy quilt, love love love it❤

  32. Love, love, love! Pandora's Box is also the perfect name for it. Love, love, love!

  33. Your orphan block quilt is one of the best I have seen!

  34. Pandora's Box is a delight. The striped binding is perfect. I really enjoyed the dialog between you and Paul. It reminded me of A. B. Silver's Popser's Playground stories published in the Harris Co.'s Quilt magazines. (Hmmm. What happened to Popser and Joan?) I'm so sorry that I didn't know you were at QuiltCon, too -- maybe next year?!

  35. Every time I see a wonderful orphan block quilt like Pandora's Box, I want to make one, but then I think, I don't have enough orphan blocks and what I have probably won't play well together. Does that mean I need to make more orphan blocks? Great fat quarter bundle. I'd love to find the Viva Mexico print.

  36. What a glorious way to corral all your orphan blocks. They work together very well. And I love the conversations you relay. I'm glad you enjoyed Austin. Fun, fun, fun all around.

  37. I don’t know that my orphan blocks would look as spectacular as yours do. I love it and think you did a fabulous job putting the monsters in the quilt!

  38. I love your Pandora's Box! I hope you pulled that Hope out of the box before you slammed the lid on your monsters. :-). The skinny border is a great idea for protecting points while keeping a borderless look to the finished quilt. And I'm loving your new fabric goodies -- and wishing I was at QuiltCon with you, filling up an empty suitcase full of fabric! Maybe next year! I'm debating whether I should sneak off to the quilt shop today to buy border and backing fabric for my Spirit Song quilt, or if I should try to use something from my stash (a couple things that COULD work, but nothing I'm over-the-moon excited about). I've been working on this one since October; doesn't it deserve special border and backing fabric chosen just for itself? Let me know if you have a Greek myth to justify today's shopping spree... Because there is no way I could drive an hour and a half round trip to the quilt shop and ONLY come home with borders for Spirit Song. -- I KNOW!! Noah's Ark! I need to purchase TWO YARDS from every bolt, in case the store is wiped out by a flood!

  39. I love it! I am inspired to find all my orphan blocks.

  40. Love the quilt name! You did a great job of creating unity with all those different blocks. Congrats on a fun finish. Very pretty new fabrics. Looking forward to seeing those show up in future projects.

  41. I love your Pandora's box finish--only good and lovely things came out of your box/drawer ;))) hugs, Julierose

  42. Hmmm i need to grab my parts department and see if I have enough for a quilt
    Beautiful quilt

  43. Perfect name for this quilt!