Sunday, August 29, 2021

Random Acts of Cuteness

Our office recently moved to a new location.  There are no lunch places within walking distance but there is a café in the basement. The food is good and the service is great. Naturally, I became a regular :-) Fami works in the cafe and she is usually behind the counter so it was a few weeks before I noticed her pregnant state. To be sure, I asked Frank - Is she expecting a baby. Frank nodded. When I asked, he told me that the baby is due in October. She'll be going on leave soon.

So I did what most of us quilters do. Make something for the baby, and in a hurry.

First stop was burp cloths. 

Flannel Burp Cloths

Set of Four

Terry Cloth on the back

That took an hour, even with the ergonomic design.

Could I make a quick quilt?  Once upon a time, before the great calamity, when I was browsing a thrift store, I came across a cute alphabet animal fabric. As I started reading the animals in alphabetical order, my mind jumped ahead.

Animal Fabric

 "What animal begins with an X?"  "Are they just going to skip X."  "Only 25 letters in the alphabet???" And then I found X-tinct. Very clever indeed!!! 

Used Easter Snoopy fabric as backing. Walking foot quilting following the printed lines. It finished at about 42" by 31". Not quite a quilt but maybe it can serve as a play-mat? 

Cute Koala bear

A turquoise binding completed the look.

Snoopy Rules



It is cute and soft and the baby has lots to see.

Paul, the model

42" by 31"

For the baby, I said, as I handed Fami the bag with the quilted play-mat and the burp cloths.  Her face lit up and she thanked me. "It is perfect for a boy," she exclaimed.  

I hadn't known but the universe always does :-)


Jill is one of my co-workers. One day she came to me with a "random request". 

Jill: And you can tell me to go fly a kite if you are not up for it.
Me: I am listening.
Jill: My nephew turns five next week and he has been asking for toy underwear. 
Me: Underwear made with toy fabrics?
Jill: That he has.
Me: Oh. What then?
Jill: His toys do not have underwear.
Me: Like doll clothes?
Jill: Not quite. Underwear for Miss Piggy, Gerald, Tiger and Bus Bus.

It was the sweetest thing. A 5-year old was concerned that his toys were running around without proper covering.  If we cared for each other half as much we could solve most of world's problems.

It can be done but I need measurements, I asked.  Once I had those I dropped everything to make underwear for Gerald, Miss Piggy, the Tiger and Bus Bus. It became my Dreami (drop everything and make it) for August.

My first try using ugly fabric

Chosen Fabrics

Toy Underwear - Models Needed

These looked cute but I wasn't sure if they would fit the toys.  Fortunately (and for no valid reason other than this) we have a plush frog who happily modeled for me. 

Model Frog - This worked!!!

Thank you Froggie :-)

Very good model :-)

Model with a Smile :-)

The toy underwear were delivered to Jill and I anxiously waited for the verdict. I got a text from Jill and then the pictures followed. 

My heart just melted. 

The remaining fabrics from the toy underwear were quickly turned into zippered pouches which Jill purchased immediately. 



In Space

Stuck in Traffic!

No butt was left uncovered. Crayons, pencils and erasers found a safe haven. And everybody lived happily ever after. 

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  1. LOL - yes why indeed would someone want underwear for toys - only a child would think of that. That was so sweet of you to quickly make a baby quilt and cloths for the co-worker - I bet she was so pleased that you thought of it

  2. Love your quick thinking on the baby quilt, that is so cute. Absolutely love the underpants for the toys. That's such a fun story, thank you for the smile and giggles.

  3. YOU are INCREDIBLE, Preeti!!! (I would have told Jill that making toy underwear was outside my area of expertise.)

  4. I think your quick baby quilt is perfect! The ABC animals are adorable on one side and so is Snoopy on the other. And the stuffed animal underwear is priceless! Glad you had a model to try them on. How fun to make a little guy so happy!

  5. So enjoyed this post. Radiates happiness all around!

  6. Awh, so cute! Well done, the underwears weren't an easy exercice ;) Love the pouches too. And for the baby to born, a lovely and fun animal quilt!
    Thanks for sharing ;))

  7. Oh goodness, I think all of our hearts melted reading through all of this. The universe clearly does know and what a super kind gift to make the quilt / play time mat and burp cloths for Fami. But those underwear! How awesome of you to take that on and how much joy you clearly created with them! <3

  8. The underwear are adorable! I never expected a bus to need them, but I suppose there is no reason it cannot. Kids have such wonderful imaginations and I love that the grownups in his life didn't squash that, but instead found a like-minded person in you to make his dream come true. And the playmat/quilt is adorable. What a wonderful gift for a new mom.

  9. You are a wonderfully kind and generous person Preeti, the burp cloths are lovely and the baby quilt just beautiful. Love what you did with the underwear, one very happy little boy there. Great zippy bags too. Lovely post of happiness.

  10. OMG, seeing those toys (especially the bespectacled elephant) with their underwear just made my day! So adorable. You are so sweet! I love the burp cloths and the little quilt, too. I bet it was a delightful change of pace from your regular quilting. xo

  11. What a thoughtful gift for the expectant mum. No wonder she was delighted! I love the underpants for toys - he sounds a lovely little chap.

  12. Oh, so cute -- and so generous of you. Wonderful. And so are the burp cloths....and the animal alphabet print! (Years ago I cross-stitched a Shaker Animal Alphabet....I can't recall was X was.) DREAMI is a terrific acronym and I plan to put it to use.

  13. You are so kind to drop everything and make underwear for toys. What a sweet story. The burp cloths and playmat are so sweet too. Lucky children!

  14. No ifs, ands, or butts - those are some very cute projects!

  15. Best blog post ever!!!! I love how this little boy thinks! A bus with pants....he has widened my thinking. You are so kind to help him keep his toys "decent" and not unclothed. Thanks for sharing with Design Wall Monday, you made my day. Hugs, Judy

  16. Bus Bus. That is hysterical. I love this Preeti. What an imaginative little guy. Did you draw the pattern for the undies with legs? So cute!!

    1. I watched a video on youtube about how to make toddler underwear. Sadly it did not have good dimensions. She just raced through that part, but it gave me a starting point. And then I made the ugly fabric prototype.

  17. What a good giggle for a Monday morning.

    Did you take the pattern for the burp cloths, seam up the sides, put in elastic and make it into 'critter undies'? And Mr. Frog is going to be out of sorts because he doesn't have his own undies any more.

    And I wouldn't mess with that moose. He looks dangerous.

    1. No, but I can see why it would appear that way :-) The ugly fabric trial underwear will keep Mr. Frog decent :-) I am keeping that for as my pattern guide. I have a feeling that more plush toys would want their tushies covered :-D

  18. What a sweet bunch of projects! The elephant is my favorite too.

  19. How kind of you to make the quilt and burp cloths for Fami. My sister makes great burp cloths and they are always appreciated. Yours will be, too. The toy underwear made me laugh. What a delightful idea and again, you came through like a champ. Congratulations.

  20. Priceless! Melted my heart for sure! :)

  21. Love the animal fabric! Such lovely gifts - all of them :)

  22. What a sweet story. But it must have been hard to make the undies without the actual models in front of you. Well done you! A happy little boy and modestly covered toys.

    1. Jenny, I had the dimensions from Jill. And I used my froggy plush toy as a guide. It all worked out :-)

  23. Those toy underwear turned out great, and have me still grinning. (so the wheels stay warm too - like I can't) The bundle of baby things for Fami is great too; love that alphabet animals fabric! I like how you do the zippers on the pouches - did you learn that off YouTube? (inquiring minds)

    1. Thank you Sandra :-) I took a Craftsy class by Joan Hawley - Zippered Bags With a Twist: The One-Zip Way. It is no longer available on Craftsy but you can buy her pattern - Becca Bag on her website, Lazy Girl designs.

  24. This is a delight to read today! The alphabet animals are perfect for a play mat, and later an I-spy rest mat. The X animal was reason enough to buy the fabric. (X is such a challenge. When I can’t sleep, I choose a category and try to name something with every letter, hoping I’m asleep by the time I get to X.) Your radar for who needs a quilty hug is amazing. And I’m still laughing that even the bus needed underwear. Too cute!! That project should win funniest DrEAMi ever award.

  25. Well of course they need underwear! So cute. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  26. I’m late in reading blog posts, but even a week late this is a fabulous post! Underwear for plushies, doable! Who knew? I hope Miss B doesn’t request underwear for her LOL dolls or Barbie! Much more difficult, I would think!I wonder, can you buy Barbie patterns these days?
    You are a great quilter, sexist and an even more amazing friend!

  27. Oh my gosh!!! this is the cutest thing ever. Your Person and her eyes lighting up - that just made my day!!! I bets she was excited! and the little guy - too too cute! Sometimes I wish we all could think like that - what a sweetie!!