Friday, August 20, 2021


I have named him Varun, after the Hindu deity of sea and sky and rain. By now Varun has traveled the width of the country and reached Bernie on the west coast.

Varun  - 60" by 80"

Varun - Green Backing

Each plus block finished at 10" square. 48 blocks were arranged 6 by 8 for a finished quilt measuring 60" by 80". Varun is my contribution to the Positivity QAL and is a Mercyful Quilt

Thank you from Mercy Hospital

Mercyful Quilts Update

Wrapped with Kindness (may need tissues)

A Note from Mercy Hospital

Here are the pictures showing the progression from fabrics to flimsy to quilt.

Blues for the Border

Reds for the Main Squares

For the Plus Blocks

I think Varun is one good-looking quilt. Although the reason to make Mercyful Quilts is a somber one, I believe the quilt still needs to be uplifting and life-affirming.

Blue Blocks (see the Christmas lights?)

Red Plus Blocks, Snowballed Corners (Some sparkle is a must)

Finished Flimsy

When I am piecing, I see the fabrics from the wrong side. When I press the blocks/fabrics, the iron covers most of it. It is only when I am quilting that I get to really enjoy the beauty of the fabrics, as the sandwich moves slowly under the needle. 

Walking Foot Quilting

Adding Texture

Red Plaid for Binding

Machine Binding - Swift and Sturdy

All done!!!

As much as I want to get it done, move to binding and then get to the next project, I have willed myself to slow down while quilting. These are handsome fabrics and they look so good together. I should take the time to enjoy them, I tell myself.

On a steep hill

Hello handsome!!!

Best Wishes

Thank you Mauna, my goofy quilt model

One last look...

Go on Varun, Godspeed. Wrap someone in love and provide comfort...I said as I packed him away.

I still have a few triangles left over from snowballing the corners with bright blues. I could just discard these itty bitty pieces. 

Paul: Can you?
Me: Nah!!!

So here is a zippered pouch made from the leftover tiny triangles.  Yeah, I am keeping this :-)

No scrap left behind :-)


Happiness inside!

On September 5, I will pick out the winners (see the prizes) from all those who entered the Finished Quilt Linky Party. I will then ask Bernie to make sure that those quilts have reached her. If not, then I will pick another till we have five winners.

Speaking of Bernie, did you know she is closing her Needle and Foot Etsy store and offering deep discounts on the clearance sale?

Did I buy anything?
You bet I did.

Here is my haul. I may have bought out some of the items. Sorry, not sorry. 
But hurry and you may still find some beauties at prices that are as good as a steal.

Super cuteness!!!

My floral beauties

Gorgeous Ombre Fabric and some remnants!


I have completed my RSC blocks for August. Here are my greenish blues.

Greenish Blue - Light

Greenish Blue - Dark

And here are the bluish greens. 

Bluish Green - Light

Bluish Green - Dark

All my Blue Greens

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I look forward to your thoughts - be they positive (about the Positivity QAL) or negative (use of negative space) :-)


  1. I'm going to be fingers flying today to try and get my binding on my Positivity quilt, then send it on its way to Bernie. Another beautiful quilt, Preeti!

  2. Varun is a beauty, Preeti! I liked seeing how you quilted this one - gives me an idea for my version. Your aqua blocks for August are looking good, and fun to see what you found at Bernie's shop, too! I might also have one or two of those in my stash!

  3. Varun looks positively terrific! I’m sure that pun has already been used, but seems appropriate:). I’ve been making a plus quilt too— but in only two colors my daughter selected.
    All your colorful new fabrics and blocks look great. Enjoy!

  4. I love how your plus quilt looks with the extra plus border and the corner stones. xo

  5. Varun is lovely, and the binding print was the perfect frame for it. It's been such a treat to see all of the quilts you have inspired others to make and send to the Mercyful Quils project. Thank you.

  6. Gorgeous Positivity Quilt, I love your pretty and cute fabrics! The pencil pouch is beautiful too, with all the tiny scraps. Fantastic greenish-bluish green blue blocks ;))

  7. Varun is wonderful! from the fabrics to the quilting to the binding! congrats on a great finish!

  8. Varun turned out beautifully! I love your simple but effective quilting. And the zip pouch! Be still my heart! It looks as though I won’t be finishing my Positivity quilt on time, what with all the flooding in my studio and the fact that it’s going to be awhile to get it put back together. I will finish it ASAP, though, and get it sent to Bernie. xo

  9. Fabulous quilt, fun purchases, and fantastic AQUA blocks for the RSC, Preeti!!!

  10. Varun turned out great! I love the border with the darker blocks. Your little pouch is adorable, and the RSC blocks are fantastic!

  11. I love this quilt - it is even better in person. I would not have thought to back in with that pretty green fabric but what a treat when you fold over a corner. It is really a wonderful finish Preet. Thank you soooooo much.

    Also - thanks for the shout out on my clearance sale!

    And that zip pouch! Adorable.

  12. An act of kindness is like a ray of sunshine and illuminate all dark corners. It is sure to out a smile on many hearts and bring comfort to many which we may or may not meet. Beautiful aqua blocks.

  13. That quilt is just gorgeous! I love the colours and the design!

  14. "Verun" could drop a little moisture anywhere on the west coast and it would be most welcome. He is handsome.

    A question: Would you do a tutorial on how wide you cut your binding, and how you attach by machine? Your bindings always look lovely, and mine are usually half a spool of thread on the floor. Thank you.

  15. He is very handsome and will bring much comfort! glad you had such a great photo shoot!

  16. Varun is a lovely addition to the Positivity Quilt collection. Alas, I did not get to make a full quilt, but I did send 8 purple and white plus blocks to Joyful for her community efforts.

  17. The quilt is a real beauty. The colors and arrangement are very fresh and affirming. It will be greatly loved.

  18. Value js a stun jng quilt, love seeing all the different photos. I like your quilting too the quilt looks really cuddly. I am sure it will bring much joy and happiness. Wonderful green blocks too.

  19. Another great positivity quilt finish! I like this layout! Pretty RSC blocks too!

  20. Oh, so true, Preeti. Quilting gives you the opportunity to really appreciate all the fabrics. And I’m sure you know from all my swooning comments that I think you have the most fabulous collection of prints ever! Great quilt, and that “bias” binding. Squeal! Thanks for spending your precious time getting all of us involved in this quilt collection.

  21. As usual, beautiful quilts and blocks. I even recognize some of your fabrics that are also in my stash. The binding of your plus quilt is a wonderful choice and the quilt will be loved and appreciated by its recipient.

  22. Beautiful! I love the plaid binding!!! This will bring smiles and much comfort!

  23. Your Varun quilt is gorgeous, Preeti! My sons have had several classmates named Varun over the years and I never knew the meaning of the name. Congratulations on wrapping up a smashingly successful QAL for a very worthy cause!

  24. Varun is handsome indeed! Good for you for slowing down and enjoying the process and the fabrics. I've learned that I don't need to keep every beauty I make; sometimes just creating with the lovely fabrics is enough. : )

  25. Varun is lovely and thank you for this opportunity to spread some love and beauty. Your RSC blocks looks great!

  26. Lovely quilt! That would have been hard to say goodbye to, except for the great cause. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.