Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quilt # 8 - Quick Strippie

I have to thank for this fun, fast and really stunning pattern. All you need is one focus fabric, one contrast fabric and one to highlight the focus fabric. Strips, Stitch and Pieced top in a heartbeat. I put together this quilt top in one afternoon. The bright blue binding really makes it pop!

This quilt is for Kavya. Kavya is about five years old and lives in the house next to my sister's. My sister's kids call me "Mausi" (mother's sister). When I met Kavya in November, 2013, she started calling me Mausi, just like my niece and nephew. So, now I have two nieces and a nephew. I knew that minute that I would make her a quilt. However, since I was slammed with Christmas gifts etc. it had to be a quick one. A quick strippie was the answer - simple and stunning.

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