Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 in retrospect

Whew!!! what an amazing start to a fascinating journey. I started quilting in 2013 and I know that I can never stop.  I completed 11 quilts in 2013. I know, not enough. My day job gets in the way!!!
That is why, I am looking forward to retirement when I can do this full-time.  Here is a snapshot of my completed quilts in 2013.

Left Column - Sunshine Quilt,  Quick StrippieBlue Rail Fence
Middle Column - Quilt #2 (D9P), Chinese Coins, Quilt # 1Pink Square Dance
Right Column - Alphabet SoupDown to EarthPink Pinwheels, Basket Case

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And have a fulfilling new year!!!


  1. Hi my dear,
    I don't know how I arrived to your unique amazing place.
    I don't know WHAT I enjoy more your quits or your writing ... it's like you are ... so shiny ...
    Love it !!!
    Happy 2014!!!
    Many, many quilts in your way

    1. Shiny! That is the best compliment I have received. Next time when I am feeling blue, I will read your comment, dust myself off and shine on again. Thank you so much for your kind words!!!