Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bear Hugs (2014-1)

"Bear Hugs" is my first completed quilt of 2014. It is about 43" square and it is the cutest quilt I have made so far. So many times, parents will pick light/pastel shades for the baby. And I have always wondered - why pastel? I am sure that babies like bright colors. And pastels just get dirty soon.

Don't know about you but I LOVE bright colors - the brighter the better.

I also added a label.

Who is it for?
I don't know. But I am sure it will make someone very happy.

I so loved the - Noah's jungle panel from Northcott that I went on an online hunt to find it. I just had a feeling that this quilt will be requested again and I want to make sure that I had the panel(s) handy.
Most places it was sold out. Ericas' store had it in stock and I placed the order for five. Next day, I received a call from them telling me that they had only one. Did I still want it? Yes, please.

My search continued. I found another online fabric store Stitch and Frame and fortunately they had some of these panels in stock at an unbelievably reasonable price. I placed the order and now I wait to receive the jungle babies.

It amazes me that two years ago I had no knowledge of online fabric retailers and quilters, quilt shows, quilting bees etc. And now, although I still have very limited knowledge, I know that there is a whole quilting universe out there. 


  1. Let's talk about a queen size quilt with shades of blue.

  2. My wife and new baby boy loves it!
    This is a beautiful quilt and couldn't resist sharing Preeti's amazing work of art.
    As new parents we were skeptical putting baby on the floor so We gave it a try and
    the minute we put baby down he passed out. We love it and mostly use it
    for baby to take his vitamin D in the afternoons.