Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello 2014 - Starting small

A very happy new year to you!!!

Now that I have finished documenting last year's journey, I am all caught up and now this blog can be current. Well, more or less. I decided to start the new year small - by making place mats using the quilt as you go technique. Thanks to Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company. Click here for the tutorial.

I had a jelly roll, fabrics in red and black and bits of batting that are too small to be used in a quilt but too large to throw away. Here is the outcome

I know it is eye-popping!

It is like making very small quilts - piecing, backing, binding - the whole deal. Although QAYG makes it a breeze. And I love the bright colors.

When I was making these, I showed one to my friend Iris and she squealed with delight.
Oh, you like it, I said. Can I make you one?
One? I need four.
Of course, you do. Well, I'll happily make them for you. But, first you must visit my blog and leave me a comment.

She has not been to the blog and I am still keeping these babies. I will update when she gets her act together. Oh Iris!

And they are reversible.

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  1. My apologies. The placemats are gorgeous! I love that they are reversible-Thanks! Why do you have my beautiful placemats on the ground (smile)?