Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quilt # 10 - Basket Case

I decided I should surprise my dear mother-in-law with a quilt for her bed. I knew I would be seeing her at Thanksgiving and I must complete it before then. Yes, I could finish it later and send it to her by Christmas. But then I would not be able to see face, her joy (hopefully) and her totally happy but bewildered expression on receiving the humongous (for me) quilt.

I decided to make a queen size quilt and complete it before Thanksgiving. Yeah, I like challenges. I also like bright colors, simple designs and stunning overall effect. Did I achieve that?

This is the largest quilt I have made. When I was preparing the quilt sandwich, it took all of my dining room floor.

It hurt my arms and neck and shoulders to quilt it on my Janome. I chose a stitch that could be mirrored so that when the batik panel was on the left I kept the swirls on the left and when the batik panel came to the right, I hit the mirror image button. This way all batik panels have the same swirls on their edges. Love my Janome.
Rail Fence Basket Weave, 85" by 95". Batting - Warm & Natural. Quilted on Janome.

Can I say I am proud? Well, I am definitely happy.


  1. This is amazingly beautiful! Great color combination!! I love the purple orange combination. And you look gorgeous in front of it :D

  2. Beautiful Preeti! Did you take a picture of your mother in law when she received the quilt? Post it if she doesn't mind. I am sure it is priceless.

  3. "Did I achieve that"?"

    Yes, honey, you most certainly did. And then some! ;-)


    (Your Missouri Star Quit Forum buddy)

  4. I am sure your mother-in-law loved it! I'm a fan of this color combination...beautiful!

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  6. The batiks make a great woven quilt pattern, lovey job!

  7. Doesn't the black make colour pop! :)