Friday, December 30, 2022

2022 In Review

As I sat writing about the year 2022, I wondered - what did I say about 2020? Unexpected. 
What did I say about 2021? It was a year marked by assault on democracy, our voting rights and our bodies. 

What can I say about 2022? The most significant world event has to be the unprovoked attack on Ukraine.
The most significant events in the US would include anti-LGBTQ policies and violence, continuing gun violence, and the monumental decision to overturn the landmark ruling Roe v. Wade.

Sadly (or appropriately) I made a quilt inspired (or disgusted) by each of those events.

1. Quilt for Ukraine - In March, I made this quilt to memorialize Zelenkyy's famous words - "I need ammunition, not a ride." It was my attempt to salute the courage of a nation and her leader in the face of most adverse circumstances.

Improv base of yellow

On October 16, I participated in a small local craft fair. I had set up the displays showing off cute zippered pouches, a table runner and some quilted placements. The Ukraine quilt was also displayed - because it just made the perfect focal point. I did not expect to sell it because it is something so specific that unless you are personally aligned with the cause, it is not for you.

Vale Club Craft Fair

That is when I met Luda. Acting the smiling/engaging salesperson, I said Good Morning. Luda mentioned the deep meaning of the words on the Ukraine quilt. Realization dawned on me as I noticed her blue/yellow t-shirt, blue/yellow earrings and a blue/yellow plume in her hair - Luda is UKRAINIAN!!! She, along with others, was representing US Ukrainian Activists, selling post cards, tree ornaments and jewelry to raise money to support Ukraine. I unpinned the Ukraine quilt, handed it to her and said, "this belongs with you." 

US Ukrainian Activists

When Luda asked me to pose at her booth with other activists, I agreed. I hugged each one of them. If I had tears in my eyes during the shot, so be it.

2. Harmony (supporting LGBTQ folks) - In 2022, at least 320 anti-LGBTQ+ bills were pushed through state legislatures. Lawmakers in statehouses nationwide sought to ban transgender youth from participating in sports; criminalize medically necessary, life-saving healthcare for transgender youth; and ban discussion of LGBTQ+ youth and families in classrooms.  I channeled my disgust into a rainbow colored runner.


Continuing my support of LGBTQ youth, I donated Synergy Quilt to GSAFE (for a Silent Auction). Thanks to Lisa who pointed me to GSAFE. 


3. Father's Day (processing grief) - The shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas was gut wrenching. As details emerged, it only got worse and worse.  How the law enforcement failed the community, how the politicians continued to offer empty platitudes, while making sure their interests are protected and pockets well-lined. The world condemned the shooting, the nation grieved, and most of us moved on. I made a quilt. 

Father's Day

4. We Persist (continuing the fight) - The monumental decision to overturn the landmark ruling Roe v. Wade is the most controversial in American history. 

The partisan nature of the decision is particularly distressing. There is no concern for women's health or popular opinion, or any acknowledgement of changing times. When Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 it was a 7-2 decision, with several Conservative judges siding with the majority opinion. Not today. The decision was split along party lines. 

According to the dissenting justices "young women today will come of age with fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers." Indeed, they said the court's opinion means that "from the very moment of fertilization, a woman has no rights to speak of. A state can force her to bring a pregnancy to term even at the steepest personal and familial costs." "With sorrow — for this Court, but more, for the many millions of American women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection — we dissent," they wrote.

The following image (from the New Yorker magazine) showing the burden of an unwanted pregnancy that many will be forced to carry in a post-Roe America aptly captures what is difficult to put into words.

From the New Yorker Magazine

"Nevertheless she persisted" was the slogan of choice. I chose to make it more inclusive in this mini quit where all women wear green, the color symbolic of abortion rights.

We Persist

While there is so much upheaval in the world, in our country, and in our lives, we continued to live and love and hope for a better tomorrow. Here are my favorite quilts that convey love and joy.

1. Innamorato (In Love) - Made as a response to the Island Batik and Aurifil challenge, I celebrated my love for Paul in this mini quilt.

Paul and me - In love

2. Pobody's Nerfect - A row by row quilt made for the Island Batik challenge and blog hop. This quilt just makes me so happy. Every row has a mistake - on purpose!!! It does not have to be perfect to be joyful.

Pobody's Nerfect

3. Bollywood Beats - Made in response to the Island Batik & Studio 180 Design Tool challenge and Blog Hop, I am thrilled with this quilt. 

Thank you Paul - the best model ever!

Bernie supported me in the second Positivity QAL. I was disappointed because the responses did not meet my expectations, initially. Then there was more. I was thrilled and humbled.  

Naman for Mercyful Quilts


2022 was also the year I got published! Here is a list of the quilts/projects that were published in three different publications - Quiltmaker (Golden Peak Media), Quilters World (Annie's Publishing) and Make Modern.

1. Make Modern #44 - Synergy

Fall Foliage, Rainbow Colors

2. Make Modern #47 - Topsy Turvy.  Also featured as "Meet the Maker"

Topsy Turvy

3. Make Modern #48 - Frolicking Fish (scroll down)

Frolicking Fish. Location Courtesy - Raj & Manveen

4. Annie's Publishing - Stars & Swirls

Stars & Swirls

5. Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2022 - Diwali Lights. Also featured in "Designer Spotlight"

Diwali Lights. Picture by Quiltmaker Magazine

Designer Spotlight in Quiltmaker Magazine


And one last thing.

I work as a transportation planner in the DC Metro region. For the last 7+ years I have been working on the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, connecting downtown DC to the Dulles Airport through Metrorail. This project has been in the making for 60 years, when the right of way (in the median of the toll road 267) was dedicated to a future transit line. The project was so large and so ambitious that it was split into two Phases. Phase 1 consisted of five new stations and was opened to the public in 2014. Phase 2 (six new stations and a maintenance yard for the trains) connects the end of Phase 1 to the Dulles Airport was opened for revenue service on November 15, 2022. 

I was there to witness the ribbon cutting and take the inaugural ride. It was a momentous occasion and I was thrilled. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was the guest of honor.  

Here is the NBC news clip. I am in it at 1:34, wearing a hat. Yes, it was freezing. Don't blink, or you'll miss it.

From my seat, I walked up towards the stage, as far as I could, without getting into a scuffle with security.  Handed my phone to a random stranger and shamelessly asked them to take a picture making sure that "Pete and I are in the same frame".  I took off my hat, ran quick fingers through my hair, and beamed 1000 watts into the camera.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg

Beaming me!!!

In retrospect, 2022 has been a rollercoaster year with a complete spectrum of emotions - love, loss, grief, anger, disgust, joy, hope and more. But if I have to choose just one theme to end this blogpost, it will be gratitude. 

Thanks to friends (Manveen, MellConnie, Bernie and Mari) who kept me sane. Thanks to Island Batik for the opportunities to play with fabric, to push me beyond my comfort zone, and for their support in my publication projects.  Most importantly, thanks to Paul! You love me when I am unlovable.

Wishing you joy, peace and creativity in the new year!


  1. Thanks, your artist interpretation of this year's events is so aligned with my feelings. And I am about to take that ride to Dullus airport. The end of $70 taxi rides!!! Thanks

  2. Dear Preeti, it's hard to believe you could ever be unlovable! I admire (and love) all of your beautiful quilt designs, and your amazing way of speaking your mind. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2023!

  3. I love how you feel so strong about some political issues - I feel the same but I am not vocal as you - all of your finishes are so good and so glad that you were able to be published as that was a goal you wanted

  4. Your ability to channel your frustration with current affairs into your projects is an awesome skill. Your passion and love for people really come through in both your projects and your writing. Let's hope all our efforts, big and small, lead to change back to more compassion for all in 2023.

  5. I discovered your blog by way of RSC2022. I’ve enjoyed following you this year. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I actually won an Island Batik giveaway from your blog. I can’t wait to see what you create in 2023. I also follow you on IG.

  6. Preeti you always bring a smile to my face with your posts. They are so full of your passion and compassion. Looking forward to your 2023!! And your Paul stories!

  7. Unloveable? Never! I adore your voice, even when it's yelling. Do great things in 2023 - can't wait to see em!

  8. Thank you so much for such a beautiful recap of a tumultuous and full year. I admire your spark and the creative way you channel your energy and stand up for the rights of us all. I look forward to seeing what you create next year, and hopefully it will be a kinder year to us all!

  9. Thank you so much for your strength, wit and courage. (And I've had great luck with your patterns, too!)

  10. And thank you, Preeti, for sharing your quilts, thoughts, and pictures with us!

  11. Once again, Preeti, eloquent in both words and quilts. Thank you for this recap of the year, rocky though it was. And congrats on getting published and being a part of and witness to the culmination of such an immense transportation project. I'm glad you were able to celebrate those events. Have a lovely new year. Keep rocking our world (in a good way) with your art and advocacy.

  12. What a year it was, Preeti! Through the good and the bad, thanks for sharing such wonderful quilts along the way. Wishing you a very quilty 2023!!

  13. You made me cry - in a good way. I love how you can open your heart and others to all the injustice. And how you still can close a blog post after such a summary with your wordchoice gratitude. So I will close will how grateful I am to know you. It is an honor! All the best for 2023 and hopefully finally some good news. xo

  14. Thank you for your blog and especially for this post which perfectly captures so many of my feelings about this past year. Going forward, I have many concerns, but am full of hope too. I have a link to your blog on mine ( and am sending my readers your way to read this!🙂

  15. What a great recap for your year. I think you had some impressive creations, and huge successes. Thank you for allowing us to see your thoughts thru your works. And I am excited to try the Silver line extension - i had to take a bus to the metro from Dulles, I am excited to try this!!! ( when I get back that way again!!) Happy Happy New Year!

  16. What a review of a momentous and tumultuous year, all without mentioning Covid or he who must not be named. Thank you for living your heart and soul and taking us along for the ride. Happy New Year to you and Paul.

  17. Loved reading your review. You have accomplished so much! Great job!

  18. What a wonderful recap, beautiful makes and such stories and causes behind each of them. I wish you a very happy new year and thanks for linking up!

  19. As I sit here at home on New Year’s Eve, this post with all your beautiful quilts, projects and writings just made my day. Wishing you lots of good health, happiness and continued success in the new year. And I agree with Diann - it’s hard to believe that you could ever be unlovable. Regardless, you’re always loved from here!

  20. A wonderful retrospective of the year, full of intense causes. Happy new year Preeti ;)

  21. you are so accomplished! And I love that you take action to support or correct what you know to be important. It's integrity, love the pic with you and Pete B. and that transportation was so needed! Good on you!
    Love, LeeAnna

  22. What a fabulous review of your year. Yes, the year was full of intensity, sadness and insane acts. My hope for each new year is that as a people, we can become more understanding, kind and supportive of each other. BTW I loved seeing your work published!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  23. Well, my favorite is that last photo of you beaming with your million-dollar smile and Pete in the background. You look all of 17 years old, by the way, so if this quilting gig doesn’t pan out for you, consider launching an anti-aging skincare line. It could be made out of coconut milk and monkey pee and it would not stop us from smearing it all over our faces if you told us it was your “secret fountain of youth!” ;-). So many beautiful projects from you this year but your Diwali Lights is my favorite. Hugs to you and cheers to the new year — we’ll just have to wait and see what fresh hell (a.k.a. Fresh Inspiration) awaits us!

  24. Wonderful to see your review of the year. Congrats on your many accomplishments, generosity, creativity and inspiration. Hum, if I had realized you were at the grand opening of the Silver Line I would have looked for you. So 60 years ago the metro project began. Sounds about right. Somewhere in my family photographs there is a picture of our Oldsmobile, my brother, my father, and I standing on the runway of Dulles Airport. It was in the middle of nowhere. And now it is developed from DC to the airport. May 2023 give you more inspiration, preferably forward progress on all concerns you highlighted.

  25. Visiting via the linky party! Nice to meet a fellow quilter :)

  26. So many intense feelings and quilts - what a year! I hope that 2023 begins the reversal of some of these horrible backsteps our country has taken! Love seeing you and Pete together - what an exciting accomplishment this is! Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative New Year!

  27. Hi Preeti! I did not know that you were involved in such a HUGE transportation project. I saw your beaming face with PB in the background. What will you get to work on now that you've put a big exclamation point on this project? How fascinating. Your publication exposure has exploded this year and I'm so happy for you!! I hope you are able to continue down this path in 2023. It will be exciting and thrilling to watch. Happy New Year, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  28. Great year! Thanks for sharing it on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.

  29. I have long admired your ability to channel your activism and civic emotion into your work. The quilts this year championed so many causes and feelings. It is the best! Love how you gave the yellow quilt to the Ukrainian activists. Somehow I totally missed that when it happened. Go Preeti! Can't wait to see what you do this year. :-)

  30. I share your values, Preeti! And I love that you post about them and express them in your quilts and the causes you support. Meeting the Ukrainian activists at the craft fair must have been so powerful.


  31. A great review for your year, so many happy and beautiful sews but also a sobering post, in a way, to see the angst in the world. Uplifting to see how you have 'verbalised' your concerns through your quilting. I hope this new year brings more positive events to celebrate. Happy 2023!

  32. What a wonderful, colorful, and meaningful year! It's possible that synergy is my favorite because it is so extroverted, like its maker. Here's to an equally happy and creative 2023!